On the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Oklahoma Massacre of 1921 which is considered one of the worst racially motivated massacres on American soil, filmmaker and photographer Raj Debah and Shaniqwa Jarvis document the history and change as Tulsa’s black community continues to deal with it’s past and the current challenges of modern America post George Floyd and a worldwide pandemic.
TIME, 2020
"TIME by Amazon Studios, an extension of filmmaker Garrett Bradley's groundbreaking documentary, delves into the injustices of a criminal system too big to fail. Through interviews with former incarcerated individuals, this powerful film confronts systemic incarceration and racism. By highlighting the disproportionate impact on Black people and marginalized communities, it offers a thought-provoking perspective on one of our era's most urgent social issues."
In 1998, Frank Prisinzano had a vision to create a unique dining experience for the Lower East Side community in New York City. Lil' Frankies' quickly became a hub for creatives, artists, musicians, and skaters. However, Frank felt that something was missing, and he knew that music could elevate the experience even further. With the help of his friends and Jordan Merz, also known as DJ Dirrrty, Frank launched East Village Radio (EVR), New York's first online streaming-only radio station, in 2002.
Merz, a native of Atlanta, took advantage of the EVR platform and launched Ballers Eve Radio, which infused New York with a dose of southern-style hip hop and trap music. At a time when the city's musical zeitgeist was dominated by the boom bap sound, Ballers Eve Radio provided a fresh perspective that was more in line with the sounds of the South. With radio mixes, live guests, and drops from some of the most prominent rappers of the South, Ballers Eve Radio became a place for New York City’s changing taste in the emerging hip hop class .
This documentary delves into the impact of Ballers Eve Radio during its 10-year run, featuring interviews with some of its most notable guests and showcasing images from an upcoming book by Matt Mcginley. Discover the story behind this groundbreaking radio show and its influence on the music scene in New York City.
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